Events & Workshops

Classical Improvisation

Come and see how actors and musicians learn the secrets of improvisation. I’ll be demonstrating with Prof. David Dolan at the Impro Festival. We'll have two actors and four musicians to demonstrate exercises and improvisations.

Milton Court Concert Hall, Barbican EC2 on Thursday 2nd May at 4.30 pm. It’s free.

The event is FREE, but please do BOOK A SEAT.

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Training The Outstanding Actor

In this interactive lecture demonstration Ken outlined his discoveries and insights drawing on over 30 years’ teaching at the Guildhall and around the world. With a group of actors, and using video footage and live video playback, he demonstrated some of the key exercises he has developed to nurture the actor’s imagination, individuality and charisma.

Topics covered:

  • Doing exciting work as an actor: Values, risk, danger, playfulness
  • Nurturing the imagination: Strategies for taking off the pressure
  • Strengthening presence and charisma: Eastern techniques, the psychology of charisma
  • Having a successful career: Setting goals, personality, networking
  • Delivering the standout qualities in a drama school: Setting up the creative environment, motivating actors

This event, introduced by Lily James, was held at Milton Court Concert Hall, Silk Street, London EC2Y 9BH, Wednesday 9th, May 2018.